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Effective insurance defense: proven legal counsel’s key role

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Some law firms in Colorado and elsewhere are known primarily as “boutique” firms for their limited focus in a specific niche area of the law. For some of our readers, that might readily imply something like family law or an estate planning focus.

Other firms, like Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C., cast a bit wider net regarding the practice areas in which they apply proven acumen and advocacy on behalf of diverse clients.

Our firm, which serves local, regional and national clients out of dual offices in Greenwood and Telluride — near Denver and in southwestern Colorado, respectively — extends its focus over select core areas where our attorneys command special interest and proven commitment to clients needing strong legal representation.

One of the areas in which we provide knowledgeable, on-point and aggressive advocacy is the realm of construction litigation, where we work across a wide universe of matters on behalf of contractors, subcontractors and additional parties.

Another work-focus realm is general business litigation, where we diligently promote the interests of our clients in broad-based contract-related matters and corporate disputes. Personal injury, too, is a main focus area of our firm, with our legal team primarily representing the interests of insurance companies and insureds.

That client focus similarly informs our insurance defense practice. As we note on a relevant website page of our law offices highlighting the biography of Stuart D. Morse (the firm’s founder), our lawyers are dedicated to ardent legal advocacy that fully promotes the best interests of that client demographic and that strives to obtain best-case results in every matter.

The insurance defense work we do for our clients is truly broad-based, ranging from representation in bad-faith claims and third-party injury complaints to fire loss claims, litigation involving construction defects and myriad other matters. In some select cases, we also represent individuals and businesses with claims against insurers, although we note on our site that “we do this selectively in terms of accepting.”

We sincerely welcome blog visitors, hoping that you find future posts to be routinely instructive and personally relevant. And, of course, we appreciate the opportunity to diligently represent you in any legal matter that is currently challenging you.

Happy holidays to all our readers.