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On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Business Litigation |

We noted in a recent blog post that Stuart D. Morse & Associates is a law firm comprising tested litigators focused upon “select areas where our attorneys command special interest and proven commitment to clients needing strong legal representation.”

Our December 22 entry points centrally to insurance defense as one of those areas, with the firm providing knowledgeable and aggressive representation to insurance companies, the businesses they insure and, occasionally, to companies and individuals with claims against insurers.

Another strong focus of the firm is business litigation, a practice area that logically looms large owing to the deep collective experience of our attorneys in courtroom matters and in trying cases.

A point well worth noting regarding litigation acumen and the trial readiness of attorneys advocating on behalf of business clients is this: It is such readiness — grounded in thorough case analysis and prior relevant experience — that often motivates an opposing party to settle a legal matter. Our attorneys always seek to place our clients in advantageous positions in settlement negotiations, and additionally seek optimal outcomes through our willingness to fully litigate a business dispute.

Effective business advocacy is necessarily reactive and proactive.

As for the former, clients sometimes need strong legal input in the wake of a problem that has already occurred. Perhaps a contract has been breached. Maybe a problematic issue has surfaced regarding intellectual property, an employee-related matter, a premises or product liability claim or other pressing concern.

At other times, effective litigation counsel can help a client identify and take meaningful steps to reduce material business risks before they fester.

Our firm works closely with Colorado businesses all across the state, from our dual offices in Greenwood Village and Telluride, respectively. We welcome readers’ inquiries and the opportunity to bring our experience to bear on behalf of clients’ diverse business concerns.