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Defending medical professionals against liability claims

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Medical professionals in Colorado and nationally — doctors of all specialties, dentists, nurses and other caregivers — routinely have a lot on their minds.

Patient care of course tops the list of their concerns. The millions of conscientious and highly trained medical pros across the United States think unremittingly about delivering top-notch care to the individuals and families who rely upon their special training and skills.

Unfortunately, though, and for high numbers of medical people, their emphasis on quality care must sometimes compete with a corollary concern that is constantly worrisome.

And that is this: fear of being targeted in a malpractice claim.

To say that medical professionals worry about that is sheer understatement. Patients often seem to regard their doctors and other medical providers as super humans, holding them to an impossibly high standard.

Indeed, some medical pros do come up short occasionally in providing care that is reasonably aligned with the standard operative in their profession and applicable to peer practitioners.

Conversely, though, doctors and others who are alleged to have practiced deficiently and caused harm are frequently found by courts and juries to have acted with consummate professionalism and clear competence.

In other words: Many malpractice claims are without merit.

The attorneys at Stuart D. Morse & Associates intimately know that. We note on our website that we are motivated by that knowledge to “provide a strong legal defense for professionals in professional liability claims.”

They certainly need it, given the erroneous perception of many people that medical care delivery is supposed to deliver pristine outcomes in every instance and that medical actors have unlimited resources on hand to pay out to claimants.

Very few medical professionals are focused on anything other than helping their patients to the maximum degree, using all their hard-earned knowledge and singular skill set to do that. Many of them find themselves at some point being named defendants in malpractice actions following work they did that was focused solely on patient improvement.

Those individuals need proven legal counsel to state their case, defend against unmeritorious claims and promote their best interests in every regard.

Stuart D. Morse attorneys proudly take on that role.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to provide further information regarding the advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of medical professionals in malpractice actions.