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Insurers’ needs in legal cases: answers, candid advice, solutions

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2017 | Uncategorized |

“Insurance companies provide an important service to their customers.”

We prominently note that on a page of our website at the Colorado insurance defense law firm of Stuart D. Morse & Associates. We routinely provide knowledgeable, aggressive and cost-efficient representation to insurers in Colorado and nationally from offices in Greenwood Village and Telluride, helping them to achieve best-case outcomes in legal matters that optimally serve their insureds and promote the corporate bottom line.

And we do so proudly, given — as we stress above — that the protection insurers provide individuals and businesses is often a virtual lifeline protecting against unforeseen downsides and potentially catastrophic risks.

One reality closed linked with the insurance industry that is not routinely acknowledged or understood is that insurers do not have instant answers and solutions in every instance that an alleged coverage event occurs and a first-party or third-party claimant makes a payment demand.

Understandably, things can sometimes be a bit unclear — and even murky — regarding insurance policies and what they provide for. As our website readily notes, “Insurance coverage is often not clear-cut.”

Given that, insurance companies and insureds often seek the assistance of our firm in clarifying essential matters. Our lawyers routinely help diverse clients fully understand the merits and weaknesses existing on both sides of a claim, and provide close and studied input on claim evaluation and an accurate assessment of what a policy says and specifically covers.

Unsurprisingly, that is often assistance that is valued and welcomed by insurers and the individuals and companies they protect. It instills peace of mind, promotes certainty, enables principals to fully gauge important cost-benefit consideration, helps affected parties to mitigate risk and enables a timely resumption of every-day business matters.

We play our role proudly, knowing that it has a positive effect in broadly instilling equitable results and reducing uncertainties in an already complex field.

We welcome readers’ contacts to our firm and the opportunity to apply our proven insurance-related acumen on behalf of every client that needs our professional assistance.