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Construction Challenges: Numerous Causes of Roof Defects

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

While most people would like to assume that every aspect of a building’s construction is executed perfectly, this isn’t always the case. For example, a roof located in Breckenridge recently collapsed. Of course, this is a scary situation because there is the potential for people to develop injuries as a result of any roof collapse.

When these situations occur, some people are initially inclined to point the finger at the construction company involved, arguing that the roof should have been strong enough to withstand the collapse. However, not all roof collapses occur as a result of straightforward “negligence” by builders. In the aforementioned example, heavy snow caused the roof to collapse and not faulty construction. Ultimately, there are numerous reasons that a roof might collapse. 

The “Building Envelope” Argument

Some litigants will try to make the argument that the building envelope was improperly constructed, allowing water to penetrate the building; however, similar to the case above, water penetration isn’t always the result of a building envelope. Sometimes, there is simply a torrential downpour that the roof cannot handle. If this storm is accompanied by high wind, the wind could remove a significant portion of the roof’s exterior. This creates holes in the roof that could lead to water entering the building. Water entering the building does not always mean that the roof was improperly constructed.

The “Poor Drainage” Charge

It’s not unusual for someone with poor drainage from their roof to try to point the finger at the construction company. If the roof isn’t draining well, water can pool up on the roof and start to cause damage to the exterior structure of the roof before starting to leak inside. Wind damage can damage the shingles, leading to cupping that causes water to pool. Sometimes, debris simply clogs the gutters, leading to poor drainage through the chutes. Other times, the roof has simply aged and needs to be replaced. Poor roof drainage does not equal poor construction of the roof.

The “Slip and Fall” Injury

Unfortunately, some people will try to climb on top of their roof and try to make modifications to the roof on their own. This is a dangerous venture that could wind up with someone sliding down their roof and tumbling multiple stories to the ground below. These medical bills can get expensive and their health insurance may not cover all of the bills. This can drive someone to file a lawsuit against the construction company for poor roof construction. 

Anyone with questions regarding causes of building failures should contact an experienced attorney for assistance. Just because a building is damaged or collapses doesn’t mean that this is the fault of the construction company. Each case is unique. An experienced attorney can help interested parties explore all legal options and/or defenses available to them.