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Faring comparatively poorly: Colorado’s vehicle accident statistics

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Seventeen percent is of course just a number and indicator of nothing definitive unless it is fleshed out in some meaningful context.

Here’s the relevant fleshing out applicable to today’s post: numbers pegged to fatal vehicle accidents in Colorado.

As can be immediately perceived from even a cursory look at fatal-accident tables supplied by the National Safety Council in a recently released public report, the 17% figure is not something that Colorado safety officials want to see.

What it signifies is this: the stark upward trend in vehicle deaths that are occurring in the state. What the number specifically connotes is that motor vehicle-related deaths in Colorado jumped by 17% in 2015 as compared with 2014.

Here’s food for thought: the national average over that period was less than half that — an 8% rise.

Obviously, Colorado roadway traffic is a growing source of concern. It is notable that the 2013-to-2015 spike reveals a consistent spike over even a longer period; the 17% number remains applicable even over that extended timeframe.

There is an obvious and immediate insurance-related impact relevant to the upward accident trend and corresponding numbers, of course, both for insurers defending against claims and for individuals sued by third-party claimants following a crash.

Attorneys at Stuart D. Morse & Associates provide proven and aggressive legal representation to both insurance companies and individual policy holders they refer for defense assistance.

The rising-accident trend in Colorado is truly unfortunate, and every effort taken to curb it is logically applauded by all individuals residing in the state.

At the same time, due focus and an equitable result must apply in every legal claim that is made in an injury case. Just as injury victims have rights, so too do the companies that insure them and the individuals who find themselves named as defendants in personal injury litigation.

Questions and concerns regarding this important subject matter can be directed to experienced insurance defense attorneys.