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House Fires Aren’t Always the Result of Faulty Wiring

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Construction companies and the electricians, plumbers, and contractors employed by them have a big responsibility. They are the people that are called when someone would like a custom house built from scratch. There are many details involved in building a house and meticulous attention is required to make sure that everything goes as planned.

Perhaps this is the reason that people jump to blame the construction company when something goes wrong. For example, many people assume that a “random” house fire is the result of faulty wiring on behalf of the electrician or the construction company; however, this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many reasons why a house fire may start and it usually isn’t the fault of the construction company or the electricians employed either independently or by the company involved in the home’s construction. 

Fires can Spread

Unfortunately, wildfires are still a common problem in the United States. In fact, as the conditions continue to dry up, wildfires are becoming more common than ever. Wildfires start when the brush becomes dehydrated, such as in drought conditions, and are spread by the wind. As they spread, they set fire to everything in their path, including houses. Just because someone loses their house in a wildfire doesn’t mean that the construction company is at fault. Many people will make the claim that their house could have withstood the wildfire if it was built better; however, this is rarely the case. 

Circuit Overloads can Happen

It’s not uncommon for people to try to connect too many appliances into a power strip or electrical outlet and spark their house. When this happens, the circuit becomes overloaded, sparks can fly, and fires can start. This is one of the biggest reasons that people could try to blame the electrician for faulty wiring; however, a circuit overload is not the result of faulty wiring. People are told that they shouldn’t try to plug in too many appliances at once because it can overload the circuit breaker and lead to a fire. 

Some Fires are Set Intentionally

Arson is another reason that houses could go up in flames. Some people are victims of arson and other homeowners may try and light the fire themselves. Because arson is a crime, people will try to blame someone else for what happened. The construction company and the electrician may be convenient targets under such circumstances. Thankfully, there are almost always ways for law enforcement to investigate the circumstances and find evidence of arson. 

There are numerous additional reasons why a house fire may start that have nothing to do with construction or faulty wiring. For this reason, it is important for homeowners who have suffered as a result of fires not to jump to conclusions. And for this reason, any construction company involved in a lawsuit related to fire damage should hire an experienced defense attorney who can help to ensure that whatever circumstances led to the fire in question are revealed and properly addressed.