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The complex realm of product liability: risks and protections

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Business Litigation, Personal Injury |

Risk commonly features in commercial-related stories and reports, and understandably so.

As we note on our business law and insurance defense website at the Colorado law firm of Stuart D. Morse & Associates, “Businesses are typically pretty risk averse, and for good reason.

And that reason, as we additionally point out, is this: “Risk can result in expense and harm to the business both in the short and long term.”

For many businesses in Colorado and nationally, one central matter of ongoing concern focuses squarely on potential and actual issues relating to liability grounded in products that are manufactured or sold.

Product liability is flatly a big deal, given state laws that often put a material onus upon business defendants to essentially prove a lack of negligence while simultaneously minimizing some proof requirements for plaintiffs who allege that they were injured as the result of a product defect.

Any Colorado business facing a lawsuit — including a plaintiffs’ class action complaint — alleging product liability has an obvious and immediate need for proven and aggressive legal counsel that is well-versed in the intricacies of this singular legal realm.

Moreover, the same can be said of an insurer who might potentially be called upon by an insured business client to pay damages in product liability litigation that ends up adversely for the policy holder.

Plaintiffs bring various claims when alleging defective products resulting in injury, ranging from defects in design to faulty manufacturing and breach of warranty.

Business defendants are not devoid of defenses, which an experienced law firm can employ on their behalf. It can sometimes be argued that a plaintiff has not sufficiently identified a particular party alleged to have been negligent. Sometimes consumers use products in improper and unforeseeable ways, which can relieve a business defendant of liability when injury results. Additional arguments, too, can be made.

The attorneys at Stuart D. Morse work diligently to protect the interests and limit the downsides for business and insurance clients in matters related to product liability and other risk-related concerns.

We welcome contacts to the firm and routinely relish the opportunity to help our diverse clientele prevail in their legal challenges and fully exploit ongoing business opportunities.