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National insurer will need diligent legal advocacy in this matter

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Insurance Defense |

Although some people might view it as ironical, it really isn’t surprising that insurance companies — which safeguard the interests of others and stand ready to help mitigate risk when its downsides materialize — also need help sometimes when they face adverse factors threatening their business and professional standing.

That is especially true in cases alleging less-than-honorable behavior engaged in by insurers that undermines rather than promotes the best interests of their policyholders.

That is anathema for insurance companies, of course, bringing bad publicity, soured relationships and, sometimes, costly court outcomes (even in matters where insurers ultimately prevail).

We are sensitive to and intimately familiar with insurers’ litigation-related challenges and concerns at the Denver area insurance defense law firm of Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C. As we note on a relevant page of our website, “We assist insurers in navigating the minefield of bad faith litigation.”

And it is a minefield. Insurers in Colorado and nationally daily face wide-ranging and pricey litigation commenced by plaintiff policyholders, and they need proven and aggressive legal representation in cases before judges and juries just as much as do the individuals and families that are suing them.

One representative case that is currently being litigated in another state underscores the point. In that matter, a policyholder’s claim that State Farm knowingly overcharged him in bad faith for years for auto coverage that was described as “illusory” is set to go before a jury.

A reading of summary details relevant to the matter reasonably indicates that the insurer faces an uphill battle in defending its conduct.

And that is precisely why the company has a dire need for experienced legal counsel that will make every good-faith effort to mitigate the downsides for it.

Our attorneys proudly assume the role of advocates for individuals and entities needing help in the legal process. When all parties in litigation are ably and diligently represented, the legal system optimally flourishes.

Insurers needing defense representation — and insureds defending against third-party claims, as well — can reach out to an experienced insurance defense attorney for further information and, when necessary, proven assistance in court.