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Sued for patent infringement: badge of honor for Denver firm?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Business Litigation |

GoSpotCheck has truly arrived.

Matt Talbot, CEO of the 2011-founded Denver company, recently told a reporter that he thought his business had firmly made its mark when “we got spa water and ice machines.”

Now it can proudly point to — in a perverse and ironic way — its inclusion on a list of companies sued by a so-called “intellectual property troll” that includes global icons like Apple and Samsung.

Talbot’s firm can thank a company called Rothschild Digital Confirmation for that. Rothschild sued GoSpotCheck in a Denver federal court last week for alleged infringement of a Rothschild patent.

Seemingly, Talbot would find the matter amusing if it wasn’t for the fact that troll companies like Rothschild make it a habit of being incredibly litigious, suing legions of companies in hopes that those entities will simply want to settle rather than incur lawsuit-related costs.

A troll entity is primarily distinguished by its link of any nexus with goods, services or product sales. It simply claims patent ownership and looks for profit by targeting companies that will seek to settle. Reportedly, notes one media source, Rothschild “was the most litigious patent owner” in a recent year.

GoSpotCheck, which is a mobile app developer that, according to its website, “empowers teams to collect data and complete tasks in the field,” does not seem to be much distressed by the Rothschild filing.

Indeed, Talbot simply calls it “super surreal” and “a frivolous claim” regarding an invalid patent that his company fully intends to forcefully challenge.

Unsurprisingly, Rothschild’s complaint seeks damages and related costs for the alleged violation of its claimed intellectual property.