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Are You Facing Construction Defect Litigation?

One common type of case we handle at Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C., is construction defect litigation. Construction projects can result in claims at any stage of the construction process. Often there are situations where a homeowner or association is suing for an alleged defect in the construction of their home or building. We regularly defend contractors and subcontractors in these claims making us experienced in all types of construction litigation. We advise on contracts and contract negotiations and we assist our clients through the notice of claim process. All the while focusing on either early resolution or litigation avoidance. Some of the construction defects we routinely see include:

  • Building envelope
  • Poor drainage
  • Roof improperly installed
  • Foundation not properly built
  • House is moving causing cracking
  • Doors will not open and close
  • Improper plumbing
  • Sewage backing up

Hiring a lawyer to advise on these issues is always a good idea.

Three Inquiries In Construction Litigation:

We often approach construction litigation cases by posing three questions:

  1. What is the problem? Once the problem is identified clearly, our attorneys can focus on the next question.
  2. Who is at fault? There are many individuals who work together to create a building structure; therefore it is not always easy to identify who is at fault.
  3. Finally, is there insurance that covers the situation?

These seemingly simple questions can become quite complex. Our job is to lessen uncertainty to the best extent possible, and educate our clients on the situation and the law so they can make informed decisions. We do this efficiently and effectively which is why insurance companies continue to use our services. We represent clients throughout Colorado. Our offices are conveniently located in Greenwood Village (near Denver) .

Put our experience to work for you. Email our firm to discuss a construction defect claim, or call us at 866-825-5850. We offer free initial consultations.