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Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C
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What Should The Insurance Policy Cover?

This is the question asked by insurers and insured alike when an event happens that triggers a review of the governing insurance policy. Insurance coverage is often not clear-cut. Obtaining the counsel of an experienced attorney at Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C., is a good first step in answering this question. Our lawyers can effectively outline the strengths and weaknesses of both sides and quickly evaluate a claim and assist in policy interpretation. Ultimately, we focus on evaluating cases, advising clients on the best results they can expect, how to achieve them and if necessary, trying cases.

We Strive To Minimize Legal Costs To Insurance Companies

Insurance companies provide an important service to their customers and they want to get back business as soon as possible. So in the midst of insurance litigation, companies need straightforward advice for their insureds about the options for settlement and potential outcomes at trial. We advise companies on the strengths and weaknesses of a lawsuit as soon as possible so companies do not waste valuable resources on unnecessary litigation.

Knowledgeable Counsel, Strong Advocacy

Insurance coverage litigation can get expensive. While many cases settle out of court, some do not and taking a matter to trial is something our firm is always prepared to do. Throughout the case, we take facts presented and tailor them toward how a jury or a finder of fact will address those facts. Often, a negotiated settlement can be reached after certain issues are determined by a court. For example, declaratory judgment motions are often appropriate in insurance coverage disputes. The motions seek to get a determination on the parties’ legal relationship and legal rights in the pending matter. We frequently litigate declaratory judgment motions on first and third-party claims. This option frequently maneuvers the case toward settlement.

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