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Colorado accidents: who pays damages?

You were in a car accident, and injured in the crash. Now you have expensive medical bills, car repair bills and are unable to work for a few weeks. Who is responsible for paying damages under Colorado law?

Unfortunately, this answer is not always easy to pin down. To determine the responsible party, you will have to look into the possibility of negligence.

Fire Investigations Yield Clues About Cause

The recent wildfires in California are racking up staggering losses for insurers, and are expected to rise above 3.3 billion dollars. The accumulated damages represent claims from thousands of homes that were lost or partially damaged, as well as those from thousands of destroyed cars. As the fires come under control, early investigations looking for the cause of the blaze are focusing on the possibility that high winds downed trees into power lines owned by the Pacific Gas and Electric company (PG&E). In order to prove that PG&E was to blame in the fires, however, investigators will have to uncover evidence, and this evidence may have been destroyed in the fire. This is a concern that investigators face not just when dealing with massive fires like the ones in Sonoma and Napa, but also when dealing with individual claims for fires that destroy or damage homes or businesses. 

What do investigators look for? 

Proven or experimental? Opinions on health treatments can differ.

It is certainly a commonplace to spot stories in the media where insurers' bad-faith conduct is alleged. The focus of wrongful behavior is often on claims of unresponsiveness to policyholders' lawful demands or issued checks that don't fully cover costs.

And it is often the case that a news article will spotlight outright claim denial in alleged instances where equity called for acknowledgment and issued payment.

Trending insurance claim strategies

There are some classic and all-too-common villain tropes in the movies: the Scrooge-type miser, the megalomaniac and the greedy, faceless corporation. Add insurance companies to that list. Movies show them as heartless organizations denied their customers in the name of extra profit. Whether it's a cartoon like The Incredibles or the John Grisham novel-turned-movie The Rainmaker, there's a public perception that insurance companies are adversarial.

Sued for patent infringement: badge of honor for Denver firm?

GoSpotCheck has truly arrived.

Matt Talbot, CEO of the 2011-founded Denver company, recently told a reporter that he thought his business had firmly made its mark when "we got spa water and ice machines."

Court rules: when a policy cap is not, well, a policy cap

The principals of national insurer OneBeacon Insurance thought they had it duly figured out and were sufficiently protected by language in an insurance policy that addressed the limits of their liability to an insured in any claim for losses and damages.

Unfortunately for them, they were wrong.

When it comes to your startup, don't neglect IP concerns

As a commentator in a recent business-related article notes, the principals of startup enterprises routinely devote -- and rightly so -- a substantial amount of time, energy and resources to the crafting of plans geared toward promoting success.

That's just a given, right? Any entrepreneur seeking to run a business operation that is both efficient and profitable will not fail to apply creative energies toward the fashioning of a sound plan that encompasses product/customer identification, optimal marketing strategies, financing options and a host of other key variables that drive success.

National insurer will need diligent legal advocacy in this matter

Although some people might view it as ironical, it really isn't surprising that insurance companies -- which safeguard the interests of others and stand ready to help mitigate risk when its downsides materialize -- also need help sometimes when they face adverse factors threatening their business and professional standing.

That is especially true in cases alleging less-than-honorable behavior engaged in by insurers that undermines rather than promotes the best interests of their policyholders.

A foul result for some buyers of new homes in Colorado

"Home sweet home" is likely not the mantra that first comes to mind for some Colorado home buyers.

And that is understandable, given that their new dwellings are emitting strong smells that spell far more than mere inconvenience and irritation.


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