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April 2017 Archives

Colorado considering modifications to construction defect laws

Colorado’s 2017 regular session has seen several significant bills introduced that could impact insurers, developers and contractors in construction defect claims. One bill would require mediation or arbitration in homeowners’ association claims alleging defects, even if the mediation or arbitration requirement in the governing documents has been amended or revoked. A second would require a court to apportion the costs of defense when more than one insurer has the duty to defend a party in a construction defect. A bill has also been introduced to define the term construction defect under the Construction Defect Action Reform Act.

Construction defects, litigation: spotlighting a particular group

One thing we can say with absolute certainty from our professional perspective as attorneys with on-point and proven practice experience in the realm of construction law is that legal disputes in this singular area will always occur, across a wide universe of concerns.

3 reasons why a car insurance claim may be denied

No one wants to get into a car accident. Between the damage to a vehicle and the pain of crash injuries, it can be a lot to deal with, financially, physically and emotionally. Add into this a denied insurance claim, and people often feel like they are at their wits' end.


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