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July 2017 Archives

Auto insurers responsible for non-accident injuries?

Auto insurers know that the list of potential reasons for a claim is lengthy and varies from state to state. A ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court could soon make that claims list longer nationwide. If a person is injured in a car accident, they may be able to seek recovery through an insurance claim, but what if a person is injured simply while reaching into their vehicle?

The ethics of crash optimization for self driving cars

As autonomous cars become closer to being regular sightings on Colorado highways, it appears as if consumers and retailers alike are marveling over technology that will allow a car to make split second decisions to avoid crashes or minimize the impact of crashes in order to keep humans safe. However, it also appears that much is not being discussed about the ethical and practical issues surrounding crash optimization.

A look at what legal malpractice insurers are saying

Hacking, a proliferation in so-called "lateral hiring," complex business transactions, confusion and disagreement surrounding estate administration matters -- these and a few additional matters spell significant concerns for insurance companies in Colorado and nationally that provide risk coverage for attorneys and law firms through legal malpractice policies.

Taking a balanced look at hospital insurance claim denials

From the perspective of many reputable insurance companies in Colorado and nationally that routinely seek to timely and fully hold up their end of the bargain regarding an insured's claim, it sometimes seems that they face an extra-contractual challenge when responding to a payment demand.


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