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Construction project focus: defects and liability

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Uncategorized |

It would certainly be optimal for every construction project — both residential and commercial — to yield an ideal outcome for all participants in Colorado or wherever else it is undertaken.

That is, homeowners or building principals would be completely satisfied with the final product. General contractors and subcontractors providing work would receive thanks and full payment. And everybody else involved — architects, engineers, lenders and other parties — would have nothing but positive feelings about the project and the role they played in completing it.

Such projects do exist, to be sure, but they are few and far between. In the real world, there is often just as much a chance for project-related acrimony and disputes to occur as there is for praise to be uniformly accorded a construction project.

Here’s a central point regarding the construction realm: it’s complex.

And given that complexity, central players — quite often contractors and subcontractors — take heat from property owners/developers, HOAs, commercial entities and other parties for one or more material defects that are alleged. Lawsuits can, and often do, result.

The central subject matter of those disputes can comprise a broad universe. Alleged construction defects range from improperly built foundations and deficient plumbing to water intrusion and a host of mechanical and/or electrical problems. And those are just representative examples of a veritable catalog of complaints that often feature where construction is concerned.

Our law firm defends contractors and subcontractors against such complaints, with a page of our website focused upon construction defect litigation noting our attorneys’ strong focus “on either early resolution or litigation avoidance” in such matters.

Stuart D. Morse & Associates, L.L.C. has promoted the best interests of many diverse clients in the singular sphere that surrounds construction defects, with our lawyers collectively possessing a deep well of experience in all types of construction litigation.

We welcome the opportunity to respond to readers’ questions and concerns regarding any aspect of a construction-related dispute, as well as the chance to bring our experience to bear in any construction defect matter.